Old Stories Made New

Yes, I admit it. There is much not to like about living in the digital age. We’re tied to our smart phones, glued to Facebook and some tweet as if our lives depended on it. There are significant questions as to whether technology helps or hurts us in building and maintaining Godly relationships.

And here I am writing about it on my website. The irony.

So let’s admit that there are also some wonderful aspects of having our technology to use, particularly as it assists in communicating the Gospel. Film, for instance, can be a powerful tool to connect people to meaningful Truth. One of my closest friends is an expert on the use of digital web, video and communication tools. He constantly preaches wisdom and balance. He calls for an intentional not passive approach to our personal use of technology.

So with that established, one beautiful element of the digital age is the power it gives us to bring a fresh perspective to old ideas, breathe new life into the timeless and then deliver that new life to the masses.

As an example, I present the work of SpiritClips, a film production and online delivery service of Hallmark.

By way of example, in the SpiritClips short that follows, a story/sermon illustration I first heard at least 30 years ago comes to life in a short film featuring well known character actors Alan Rachins (LA Law, Dharma & Greg) and Reginald Vel Johnson (Family Matters, Die Hard).