What Cigarette Does Your Doctor Recommend?

This isn’t an anti-smoking post. It’s one about perspective or, more specifically, a teaching example  or sermon illustration one could use when talking about how narrow and finite the human perspective is compared to God’s.

More specifically, it’s a teaching example one could use when teaching about the narrowness and limitations of our own perspective when compared to God’s.

We tend to feel pretty good about how smart we are, how much science has advanced in our generation and all of the frontiers we’ve conquered. In more personal terms, I sometimes get frustrated at God for not running things the way I would. ‘Cause I’m smart. I’m a college professor. And, if Gilligan’s Island is any example, we’re very smart.

So, we watch the 1948 Camel commercial – where doctors sing the praises of cigarettes and ladies dressed in finery enjoy the pure ecstasy of tar – and we smile at how ignorant people were back then.

Didn’t they know?

Nope, as a matter of fact they didn’t.

Of course that begs the question: In 2075, assuming there is such a time, what will people then be mocking us for? What don’t we know now that we think we do in all of our advances?

It will be something. Because it’s always something.

Our knowledge is always limited and God’s never is. There will always be things we don’t know or understand. Not Him.

There was never a time when He wasn’t. Never a thing He doesn’t know. That’s why the essence of faith is on the un. The unseen, the unproven, the un-measurable.

Actually, we should take great comfort in that.


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