44 Lizards in His Pants

Did you see the story? The dateline was Wellington, New Zealand and the date was January 27, 2010. A German reptile collector, Hans Kurt Kubus, was arrested by wildlife officials at Christchurch International Airport with 44 lizards.

In his pants.



Never heard of a skink? Here you go.

He apparently sewed the geckos and skinks into his underwear, obviously trying to illegally smuggle out the $3000 worth of crawling, slimy grossness.

Want a good sermon illustration for the concept of “managing sin?” This is it.

Thinking that you can follow Christ while also leading a life full of sin – and look good doing it all the while – is a bit like trying to sneak through security undetected with 44 lizards trying to gnaw their way out of your fruit-of-the-looms.

There is just no good ending in that scenario. You’ll either be found out, or run screaming through the airport begging someone to set your trousers on fire.  Yet there’s always someone willing to try it.

If you’re preaching a clear message on sin – “You’re sin will find you out…” from Numbers 32; “The wages of sin is death…” from Romans 6; the story of Ananias and Sapphira from Acts 5; or There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. There is nothing kept secret that will not come to light.” From Luke 8:17 – you may need a story that illustrates the point but, at least temporarily, relieves the emotional tone of your approach.

In case you doubt the story, here it is in the New York Daily News.

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