Friday’s Five: Five TV Shows That’ll Preach

This edition of Friday’s Five looks at five television shows, from then and now, that consistently present messages that could be used to support Biblical preaching. It doesn’t necessarily mean that each is produced by believers or that every episode is Godly.

I have used clips from each of these shows in my teaching or preaching along the way.

#5: Duck Dynasty

I felt compelled to include one “reality” show on the list because they are ubiquitous and I didn’t want you to think I was out of touch when working on this Friday’s Five. (Although I may be completely out of touch for all we know.) So, why not a “reality” show that features characters who openly confess faith in Christ while they’re making duck calls and cavorting in all of their admitted redneck-ness (or is it more properly, red-neckity)?

Production: 2012 – Current
Available: A&E; Get the DVD’s
Example Episode: An hour-long 2012 Christmas special was at the time the most watched A&E episode in the network’s history.

#4: I Love Lucy

We love each other and will always be true. That’s the message that was sent every week by Lucy and Ricky Ricardo and Fred and Ethel Mertz to an American audience that really did love Lucy.

Production: 1951-1957
Available: Hulu, Get the Complete Series on DVD
Example Episode:  Job Switching

#3: Monk

This is a “sanctity of marriage” TV show if ever there was one, even though the eponymous character is a widower. Monk is a former detective and current consultant to the San Francisco Police Department who battles his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder amidst a commitment to truth and faithfulness.

Production: 2002-2009
Available: USA Network; Get the Complete Series on DVD
Example Episode: Mr. Monk and The End was one of the most highly acclaimed series finales in television history.

#2: Family Matters

Yes, this is the one with Jaleel White playing Steve Urkel. And I know you are either rolling your eyes or saying, “I loved that show!” You can’t deny that the focus was often on morality and doing what’s right. That puts it at number two on the list.

Production: 1989-1998
Available: BET; Order Seasons
Example Episode: Choir Trouble

#1: The Andy Griffith Show

Maybe it’s the fact that its early 1960’s writing and production reflected a more “innocent time” in our country, or maybe it’s the traditional – if not permanent – connection between rural values and traditional values, but the show often presents Biblical truths in ways that hit home to viewers and are usually genuinely funny.

Production: 1960 – 1968
Available: TV Land; Get the Complete Series on DVD
Example Episode: Man In A Hurry


  1. Of course Mayberry is #1 for forever. Thx brother.