The Illustrative Power of the Short Film

Church leaders admittedly have a wrestling match with technology. There are the downsides – church members connected at the hip to their smartphones, the explosion of Internet pornography, the ups and downs of social media – but there are also some powerful communication and teaching opportunities that technology presents that can’t be denied.

You’re using technology right now, as a matter of fact, in a way that I pray is helpful to you.

Short film projects, well-produced and delivered seamlessly through the web, can be very powerful teaching and preaching tools because they allow a teacher or preacher to vary the approach to a message and focus audience attention to thematic points. One example is the “I Am Second” interview series available through YouTube.

Another is SpiritClips, a film production and online delivery service of Hallmark about which I’ve written previously. These shorts often feature recognizable Hollywood actors in brief stories that can help make Biblical truth clear in a contemporary context.

By way of example, in the SpiritClips short that follows, a simple story featuring Nancy Travis (Eight Men Out, Gray’s Anatomy) provides a short, modern-day parable on the power of kindness and the beauty of sacrificial giving.