Friday Fives: The Top Five Underrated Apps for Leaders

This edition of Friday Fives is the second in a series on “The Underrated.” To get caught up on the background, see the first post in the series. Since is dedicated to providing helps and support for church lay leaders, pastors, ministers, Sunday School teachers and small group leaders, this Friday Fives brings you the top five apps for leaders – smartphone and tablet apps that you may not know about but that just might be helpful tools.

I haven’t included Bible or Bible Study apps, because you likely have your favorite already. This list, of course, also doesn’t include the ones that you probably already use and definitely don’t underrate – Dropbox, YouVersion, Dragon, etc.

#5  Flipboard

Description: Flipboard lets you keep all your incoming social media content – blogs, Twitter feeds, Facebook timeline content, etc. in one easy -to-access place. I use it to make sure I’m seeing important updates I designate without having to scramble among multiple sources or apps. From their description: If you’ve ever wanted to keep up with blogs, news networks, and even social media in one place, you’ve found it. Flipboard is a clean, simple, beautiful way to catch up on all the news and updates that are important to you. The ever-growing and always-active pastoral blogging community loves Flipboard. With all the must-read information in the Christian blogosphere, Flipboard helps to condense it all in a readable way and a portable format.

Price: Free


#4 Circa

Description: This app is one of the best ways I’ve found to stay up on news and current events. It loads up-to-date summary versions of the top news stories and events of the day.  I know what’s happening – without the bias – and if I want to read more, I can. From their description: Long news articles and small screens just don’t play well together. Circa solves that problem by condensing the news and making it much easier to read while on-the-go.

Price: The best possible price – $0.00.


#3 Oyster

Description: I love to read and had spent quite a bit of time finding an app that gives me quick access to more books until I landed on Oyster – “the Netflix of books.” The first book I read through Oyster was C.S. Lewis’ “The Four Loves.” From their description: Oyster offers unlimited access to over 500,000 books for $9.95 a month, with new titles added all the time. We created Oyster to evolve the way people read and to create more of the special moments that only books can offer. From anywhere a mobile device can go—a bustling subway car, a quiet coffee shop, or lost at sea with a Bengal tiger—our mission is to build the best reading experience, one that is both communal and personal, anytime, anywhere.

Price: The app is free, the subscription is $9.95 a month. I’ve found it to be worth it.


#2 Evernote

Description: A colleague at work first told me about Evernote – a great way to keep notes, ideas, photos, concepts, sermon outlines, plans, all of your stuff available on all of your devices at a click. Since I’ve been using it, I’ve found myself wishing I had had it when I was working on a book project a couple of years ago. From their description: Evernote apps and products make modern life manageable, by letting you easily collect and find everything that matters.

Price: Free. (Premium versions allow you to share content with friends and add storage space. The basic version has worked fine for me.)


#1  1Password

Description: This is just what it sounds like. Rather than have to remember 15 different passwords for all of your secure sites – 1 Password creates strong passwords for every site and lets you manage them all with 1 click. So not only are your passwords more secure, you don’t have to remember them all. It does much more, of course. I consider it the ultimate secure app for my peace of mind.

Price: Yep, it’s pricey – $17.99. It took me a while before I finally pulled the trigger (I’m cheap). Good decision.