Clay Dyer and His Story of God’s Power

One of the most powerful video clips I’ve ever used in teaching is the one that follows on the story of professional bass fisherman Clay Dyer of Hamilton, Alabama. The video is well worth 10 minutes of your time.

Clay’s story touched many people at our church. In fact, after one of our pastors saw the clip, he invited Clay to speak at our annual Sportsmen’s Banquet. It was a huge hit.

As a follow-up, Clay left the professional bass fishing tour for two years between 2009 and 2011 to focus on his speaking and the book project with Scot Laney called The View from Down Here Is Just Fine: Clay Dyer on Life, No Limbs, and Fishing. Now, he is back competing and has won several state tournaments.

If you’d like to keep up with Clay, join him at