The Biblical Friend

One of my beautiful pastor’s great sayings is “Longevity is the greatest convincer.”

We all know what he means, of course. “Perseverance pays off…” “Quitters never win and winners never quit…” “Real love lasts…”

Biblically, Proverbs 18:24b reflects this friendship that sticks: “…but a loving friend can stick closer than family.”

Colossians 1:11-12 echoes the idea as well: We ask him to strengthen you by his glorious might with all the power you need to patiently endure everything with joy. You will also thank the Father, who has made you able to share the light, which is what God’s people inherit.

Finally, perhaps these words capture the heart of relational longevity.

Be the one… who stays; who’s straight,
Whose love is tough; can bear the weight.
Be the one… who doesn’t go,
The moment tears begin to flow.
Be the one… the one real friend
Who doesn’t quit, who doesn’t end.
Be the one… who stays around.
Who takes his life, and lays it down.