Friday Fives: Five Videos I’d Love an Excuse to Use

I’m not a fan of “reverse illustrating.” You know, when you find a great sermon illustration, story or video and you try to actually build a message around it. We all know it should be the other way around – illustrations used to support biblical truths crafted from solid exegesis of Scripture. Still, it’s tempting.

On this Friday Fives you’ll see five video clips I love but, alas, have never been able to use in teaching or preaching because, to date if I did, it would be because I think they’re cool, funny or powerful and not necessarily because they would be true to whatever message I’ve been preparing.

Maybe someday. They’re certainly ready in “the hopper.”

Each is self explanatory.

#5 Tank


#4 Cat in Shark Costume


#3 A Second A Day


#2 Shhhh...


#1 Mary Sherlach

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