Friday Fives: Black Friday Blessing Fifty Challenge

Some people loathe “Black Friday” and do everything within their power to avoid the strangling shopping stampede.

Others of you – an estimated 240 million spending $12 billion for Black Friday, 2014 – love the thrill of the hunt and the exhilaration you get when you land a genuine bargain. This post is for those of you in the second group.

The Black Friday Blessing Fifty Challenge is simple. Use your impressive bargain hunting skills to save at least $50 on Black Friday. That’s child’s play for most seasoned shoppers. Then, give what you save to a charitable organization that can really use your help. And make the gift on Black Friday as part of your festivities.

Can you imagine if all 240 million Black Friday shoppers took the challenge? It would quite literally be world changing.

This Friday Fives list provides five ideas for charities that are doing great work and deserve your consideration.

#5 Toys for Tots

The story: I was first involved in Toys for Tots when I was on active duty in the United States Marine Corps. It’s a great idea driven by great men and women. The outreach began in Los Angeles 1947. Reservist Major Bill Hendricks’ wife Diane couldn’t find an organization through which to donate a Raggedy Ann doll she had made. The rest is history.
How to give:


#4 International Justice Mission

The story: I am a supporter of IJM because, simply, they help bring light into some of the darkest situations on earth. Their work is worldwide in helping to stop human trafficking and especially the exploitation of children – perhaps the greatest manifestation of darkness we are fighting today.  IJM certainly goes where Jesus would go and I love the idea of my money helping to set the captives free.
How to give:



#3 World Help

The story: I guess it’s becoming obvious that I am partial to organizations that help children, since International Justice Mission and World Help are two of the leading Christian organizations helping children around the world. World Help’s “holistic approach of HELP and HOPE shows people that they matter to God both now and for eternity. We are committed to purposeful investment through sustainable programs, enabling individuals and communities to thrive—body, mind, and soul—and building lasting change for generations to come.”
How to give:


#2 The Salvation Army

The story: This is the grandaddy of Christian charities and now is the perfect time of year to help them. You may know the story of William Booth, the Methodist Minister who founded the organization in London in 1865 as the East London Christian Mission. Booth referred to the “Three ‘S’s’” to describe the Army’s work:  ‘first, soup; second, soap; and finally, salvation.” And they have been a refuge of salvation and help for millions since.
How to give:


#1 Your Local Church

The story: That’s really where it all should start. God has called you to be an active part of your local body – and what better place for all or part of your Black Friday Blessing Fifty? After all, charity begins at home.
How to give: I’m guessing you know how to get your BFBF to your church.