Can a Shampoo Ad Reduce the Divorce Rate?

In just 4 weeks, American consumer giant Procter & Gamble’s latest shampoo commercial received 45 million Internet views. And, when you watch it, you’ll likely have no idea the product that is being advertised.

That product¬†is the company’s “Rejoice” shampoo brand, yet the ad never shows or even mentions it. In fact, as far as any viewer is concerned, the ad appears to be a public service announcement advocating less divorce and more re-marriage in China, where the marriage failure rate is climbing rapidly.

“We believe that no matter how complicated relationships can be, there’s always a way to smooth things up,” noted Proctor & Gamble’s general manager for hair-care marketing¬†Terence Lam. “As a brand devoted to smoothness and love, this is a position worth taking, having a strong point of view on this cultural phenomenon.”

If you’ve been a longtime visitor to leaderhelps, you know that I believe strongly in the demonstrative power of story – especially story in the form of a film – to impact the way people think and behave. So, if this little commercial can deepen its viewers’ commitments to their marriages, let it play!

What do you think?