Friday Fives: Five Rock Stars Who Became Ministers

We all know the stories of secular music stars who committed to Christ. In this edition of Friday Fives, five who went one step further, becoming ministers.

#5 Dave Ellefson (Megadeth) 

If you were into 80’s head banging metal then you know the name Megadeth – one of the least uplifting band names in the history of music. The good news is that the band’s bassist is pursuing mega-life in his preparation to become a pastor.

Famous For: Feuds with other heavy metal bands.
Biggest Hit: Symphony of Destruction
Trivia: A second Megadeth member, Dave Mustaine, also has become a believer.
Caution: Don’t let this post spur you to listen to any Megadeath music. Not a note.

Dave Ellefson

Dave Ellefson

#4 Alice Cooper

His real name is Vincent Furnier and he’s been the subject of many rumors over the years. “Alice Cooper is Dead,” “Alice Cooper is a Satanist,” “Alice Cooper is in Prison.” Meanwhile, he not only is serious about his faith,  he is a Bible study leader and has led other rockers to the Lord – see Dave Mustaine above.

Famous For: Biting the head off a bat on stage – which he claims he never did.
Biggest Hit: School’s Out
Trivia: He’s an outstanding golfer, with a 2 handicap. The title of his autobiography is Alice Cooper – Golf Monster.


#3 Kerry Livgren (Kansas)

Even while Livgren was a member of the secular 70’s rock group, Kansas, he says that the Lord was influencing his music. He wrote many of the group’s biggest hits, including Dust in the Wind, on which he played the acoustic guitar. He’s the worship minister at Topeka Bible Church and teaches a Sunday School class.

Famous For: That acoustic guitar intro.
Biggest Hit: Carry On Wayward Son
Trivia: The song, Dust in the Wind, started as a simple guitar exercise that Livgren’s wife suggested he expand into a song.


#2 Al Green

Also known as “The Reverend Al Green,” the singer is one of those who’s won both Grammy Awards and souls. He’s the pastor of the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Memphis and has been in that position since 1976.

Famous For: His soulful sound, one of the most recognized voices in America.
Biggest Hit: Let’s Stay Together
Trivia: The suicide of his girlfriend, Mary White, in 1974 led him to commit his life to Christ and to the ministry.


#1 Keith Green

The late Keith Green didn’t start his career as a music minister and head of Last Days Ministries. He signed a contract with Decca records at the age of 11, intent on becoming a teen rock sensation. In fact, Keith was raised Jewish.

Famous For: His uncompromising and passionate pursuit of Christ.
Biggest Hit: You Put This Love In My Heart
Trivia: He appeared on the television game show I’ve Got A Secret


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