A Story No One Wants to Read…

…but everyone should.

When I posted “A Super Bowl Cautionary Tale” last week, one reader reminded me of the Leadership Journal Story – “My Easy Trip from Youth Minister to Felon,” which was published last year.

It is a story no man wants to read, but every man should. It’s also one that is shrouded in controversy so I want to clear up my purpose in publishing the piece before you click on it.

You’re going to read the story of a youth minister who turns sexual predator. One who is in prison and who should be. As he tells you his story, he is not describing a “relationship” gone bad, but a pursuit that, from the start, was submerged in lust, darkness and death.

I am including the story on leaderhelps as a lesson on how precarious our leadership positions are when we drift, even slightly, from a heart of holiness toward God.  I am including it as a reminder to myself, first, of the price of hell-bent narcissism.

My Easy Trip from Youth Minister to Felon _ Leadership Journal