Friday Fives: The Top Five Easter Songs in Each of the Last Five Decades

There have been many life-impacting Easter songs through the years, as might be expected when you consider the history-changing impact of this sacred holiday.

So, in honor of some great music, this edition of Friday Fives counts down the top five Easter songs, based on a combination of radio airplay and sales for each of the past five decades.

#5 The 2010's - Newsboys/God's Not Dead (Like a Lion)

Year: 2011
Album: God’s Not Dead
Notes: The song is almost a DC Talk reunion since Michael Tait is the group’s lead singer and the song features Kevin Max.

#4 The 2000's - Chris Tomlin/I Will Rise

Year: 2008
Album: Hello Love
Notes: The writing credits on the song include Matt Maher and Evangelist Louie Giglio.

#3 The 1990's - Ron Kenoly/Jesus is Alive

Year: 1991
Album: Jesus is Alive
Notes: The song has actually been featured on two of Kenoly’s albums. The shorter version appeared on the album of the same name while a longer version was on  God is Able.

#2 The 1980's - Sandi Patty/Was it A Morning Like This

Year: 1986
Album: Morning Like This
Notes: The song won the 1987 Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance and was from one of the biggest selling albums in Contemporary Christian music history.

Before we get to number one, here’s a current Easter song. In fact it may be THE current Easter song.

Matt Maher – Because He Lives (Amen)
Album: Saints and Sinners

#1 The 1970's - Keith Green/Easter Song

Year: 1977
Album: For Him Who Has Ears to Hear
Notes: This isn’t merely a classic Easter song. On many lists, it’s one of the greatest Contemporary Christian songs since the genre was birthed in the late 60’s. But some don’t know that Green didn’t write the song. It was actually written by Annie Herring of Second Chapter of Acts and was recorded three years earlier by the group.

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