Friday Fives: The Top Five Movies You Should See (But Probably Haven’t) – Readers Edition

In a recent Friday Fives, I presented, The Top Five Movies You Should See (But Probably Haven’t).  It was a listing of movies that I think are worth your time, but that have mostly gone unnoticed for one of many reasons, including age, promotional budget, theatrical release, etc. Click here to see my list.

When I introduced that list, I invited reader participation. And boy did I get it. Many readers sent in their favorite movie in the category. Others sent in their own top 5. So, I’ve put them all together to present this post. The Top Five Movies You Should See (But Probably Haven’t) Readers Edition.

Please note that I haven’t seen all of these movies so I’m not necessarily recommending them. But I do trust my readers. Thanks to all who emailed!

Note: Several readers wrote about War Room, the new Kendrick Brothers release coming in August, 2015. But, since this is a list of films that you could have seen, it’s not included here.

#5 Old Fashioned

The Story: This 2015 movie was directed by and stars Rik Swartzwelder, who plays Clay Walsh, a former wild frat boy who regrets his past and who has committed to Christ. When he meets the free-spirited Amber Hewson, the two wonder whether an “old-fashioned” courtship is still possible in America.


#4 Faith of Our Fathers

The Story: Another 2015 edition, it’s the story of the sons of two Vietnam Veterans who were friends during the war. The lead, John Paul George (Kevin Downes), never met his father, Stephen, (Sean McGowan), because he was killed during the war in 1969. When his mother passes away, John Paul finds a letter from his father mentioning a soldier named Eddie Adams (Scott Whyte), his best friend from Vietnam. That brings the two sons together and begins their journey to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC.


#3 Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

The Story: This one is a little tricky because the category is movies you “should see but probably haven’t.” This implies films that have run a bit under the radar. I’m not sure that’s the case for this 2008 documentary on Creationism since it was released in over 1000 theaters nationwide and grossed over $7 million. However, so many readers mentioned it that I’m including it on the list. According to leaderhelps reader Marie: “Any Christian who hasn’t seen this movie should watch it tonight.”


#2 A Man For All Seasons

The Story: At number two on the list is the 1966 classic film about Sir Thomas More based on Robert Bolt’s play of the same name. More was the 16th century lawyer and philosopher who was executed for treason for refusing to accept the King’s rule over the church. The movie stars Paul Scofield and won six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor.


#1 The Robe

The story: This was the movie that was mentioned most often by readers. It’s based on the novel of the same name by Lloyd Douglas, which attempts to address the hypothetical question, “What happened to the soldier who won the Lord’s robe at that infamous dice game at the cross?” The 1953 classic stars Richard Burton as Marcellus Gallio, the soldier who won that robe and whose life was changed forever. Perhaps 25 years ago, everyone would have seen The Robe. But, in 2015, it likely fits into the category of movies you should have seen, but probably haven’t.

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