Friday Fives: Five Videos I’d Love an Excuse to Use in Teaching

I’m not a fan of “reverse illustrating.” You know, when you find a great sermon illustration, story or video and you try to actually build a message around it. It’s always been important to me that it be the other way around – illustrations used to support biblical truths crafted from solid exegesis of Scripture. Still, it’s tempting.

On this Friday Fives, five video clips I love but, alas, have never been able to use in teaching or preaching because, to date if I did, it would be because I think they’re cool, funny or powerful and not necessarily because they would be true to whatever message I’ve been preparing.

Maybe someday.

Each is self explanatory.

#5 Tank

#4 Cat in Shark Costume

#3 A Second A Day

#2 Shhhh...

#1 Mary Sherlach

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