Friday Fives: The Top Five Music Videos That Will Preach, Readers Edition

Last week’s Friday Fives dealt with not-neccessarily-Christian music videos that can make effective tools for illustrating points in preaching and teaching.

It didn’t take too long after the post was first published that readers began to email me their suggestions for the list – or, music videos they thought should have been on my list. I really appreciate readers getting involved in leaderhelps and I always want to be responsive.

So, this week, it’s your turn. From readers, your own list of The Top Five Music Vidoes That Will Preach.

#5 David Crowder Band/(SMS) Shine

Yes, the topic is really supposed to be not-necessarily-Christian music videos that will preach (since readers are likely to already be familiar with the Christian ones). However, since I included Casting Crowns/Just Another Birthday in my list last week, I’m allowing this entry from what I believe may be one of the greatest Christian album of all time, Crowder’s Church Music from 2009.

I’ve never used this one in my preaching and teaching, but I can certainly see how it could fit.

#4 Mark Schultz/Letters From War

Another reason I love my readers! I’m a big Mark Schultz fan and I love this song and video. So do you, apparently, as several wrote about this one.

I’ve used it more than once. It’s so good for Veterans Day, Memorial Day or July 4th.

The song was the #1 song on Armed Forces Radio in 2004 (shout out to my friends in AFR!) and the video won the 2003-2004 Department of Defense Visual Information Production Award from the U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center.

#3 Rascal Flatts/Changed

Say what you want about country music, but in what other secular music genre can you get a song about backsliding. The Rascal Flatts hit from 2013 is the third most popular video suggested by leaderhelps readers. And it’s a song based on a true story originating from co-writer Neil Thrasher’s seeing his daughter baptized on the beach.

#2 Mark Wills/Don't Laugh at Me

The song’s co writer, Allen Shamblin, says he was inspired to write the song at number 2 after his daughter came home from school telling him that she was being teased by other kids because of her freckles.

While I’ve never used the song, I can see it as a strong illustration for a message based on, say, Matthew 25:40.

#1 Alabama/Angels Among Us

I was, of course, familiar with this video from the country group Alabama’s 1993 album “Cheap Seats,” but didn’t include it on my list because I was guessing it’s been played in hundreds, if not thousands, of churches over the last 20 years, particularly those teaching on Hebrews 13. I was primarily going after music videos with which you might not be familiar.

However, I am nothing if not faithful to my readers and it was, by far, the most mentioned after I published my own list. So, here you go…


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