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Leaderhelps.com is your source for funny, poignant and very reasonably-priced scripts for dramatic sketches to introduce or support your messages. These scripts are normally from 6 to 10 minutes long and are simple to produce, without much in the way of props or set needed. They are designed specifically for today’s congregations and for churches of any size.

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Monopoly Car

Back In The BoxRelationshipping Study Cover
Keywords: Materialism, Greed, “Have-it-all” culture
Description: In this lighthearted sketch, two couples are enjoying a game of Monopoly when one very competitive husband sadly realizes that, in the end, his winnings don’t mean anything.
Technical: Four actors, limited set (card table, chairs) a few props (board game including dice), 8 minutes.

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Back in the Box – Sample

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Homeless SignDecisions
Keywords: Loving your neighbor, Helping others, Giving
Description: A husband and wife come upon a homeless young woman. Should they help her? What if she misuses what they give her? Isn’t it her own fault she’s in this situation?
Technical: Two actors, no set, a few props, 5 minutes


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Decisions – Sample

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Game ShowWhat’s My Secret?
Keywords: Secrets, Being known by God, Hiding
Description: This very funny sketch presents a game show in which people think they have “secrets” but they are only trying to hide the obvious.
Technical: Eight actors, game show set, several props, 10-12 minutes

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What’s My Secret – Sample

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Teddy BearDry Bones
Keywords: Redemption, Restoration, Ezekiel 37
Description: This sketch finds a husband and wife cleaning their attic when they discover something that changes their mission. This sketch could introduce a message on redemption and makes thinly veiled reference to Ezekiel’s dry bones.
Technical: Two actors, cluttered attic set, several props, 8 minutes

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Dry Bones – Sample

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IdentityName Droppers
Keywords: Identity in Christ, Who we really are, Pretending
Description: Joanna decides to attend a local networking event to promote her business. At the meeting she meets people who seem confused about who they really are.
Technical: Six actors, no set, minimal props, 6 minutes


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Name Droppers Sample

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Valentines HeartPlaying Your Cards Right Keywords: Family, Valentines Day, Love
Description: Two friends bump into each other shopping for Valentine’s Day cards when they realize loving spouses and family may really mean something different.
Technical: Two actors, no set, minimal props, 6 minutes
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Playing Your Cards Right – Sample

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Away From thManger Scenee Manger: Lost at Christmas
Keywords: Christmas, Redemption, Hope Description: In this full length (90-minute) play, part comedy and part interactive whodunit, a mystery unfolds as a valuable nativity scene is missing its key piece.
As the solution is revealed, the audience is reminded of the redemptive hope of being “found” at Christmas.
Technical: The play is designed as a Christmas season dinner or dessert theater performance and requires detailed sets and props. Click on the sample below to get a complete summary of technical specs and character requirements.

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Away From the Manger – Lost at Christmas – Sample

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More scripts are on the way. If you have a particular topic you’re looking for that you don’t see here, email me. I may have what you’re looking for.



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