A Christmas Message Outline – Christmas: The Beauty of Surrender

Christmas: The Beauty of Surrender

Emmanuel…God – with men
How is that possible.
What God would stoop so low?

Video Illustration: Michael Card & Steve Green – Emmanuel

 Luke 2:1-7

  • The first thing we learn about our Lord after He was born was nothing about his majesty or his kingship, or the fact that he would save his people
  • The first thing we learn is that he was born a naked infant…whose mother had to wrap in cloths…

But there’s more to learn about what Jesus experienced as he entered the world of flesh and dirt and pride and sin…

Matthew 2:13-23
The account of Jesus birth is the story of a family on the run…not a boy king.

II Cor 8:9
II Cor 5:21

  • Jesus gave up his right to be rich…and became poor…
  • He gave up the right to what he deserved…to be raised to a high place of honor for his obedience, and instead was raised to a place of shame on the cross.
  • Before He gave up His life, He gave up his rights

What rights do I demand? The irony is…I don’t deserve any but I demand many. He deserved all but demanded none.
What is a life of wanting and wanting and wanting?
We see it every Christmas, actually. Charles Dickens gives us a clear picture of such a person.

Video Illustration: Christmas Carol

Philippians 2:3-7
Before he gave up His life, he gave up his rights. That’s the message of the Manger.

The manger cries out for SURRENDER.


The best thing the Lord can do for you is to bring you to a point of surrender. Maybe Christmas is the perfect time for it.

A Small Gift of Love – Mary Ellen Holmes
From Christmas in My Heart Vol 3