After Eliot: Matt and Ginny Mooney and the 99 Balloons Story.

I thought you might be interested in a “where are they now” on the Mooneys.

It’s likely you know well the story of Eliot Mooney, the baby born with Trisomy 18 who lived 99 days and whose faithful parents, Matt and Ginny, chronicled his life in a powerful video that epitomized faithfulness in suffering. The video received millions of views and was undoubtedly played in hundreds of churches, maybe even yours. It’s a powerful piece for teaching on such topics as faithfulness, suffering, hope, etc.

Matt and Ginny later appeared on The Today Show (with their daughter Hazel!) to talk about the Eliot phenomenon. Even secular audiences were drawn to their story.

In 2013, Matt published the book: A Story Unfinished: 99 Days with Eliot (through Beacon Hill Press, the same publisher as The Stress Factor: Finding Rest in an Uneasy World) providing greater detail on Eliot’s story and his impact on those who knew him.

Today, Matt and Ginny live in Fayetteville Arkansas with their three children, two biological and one adopted – Lena, 6; Hazel, 4; and Anders, 3.