Friday Fives: Five Legitimately-Funny Comedians You Can Trust

Friday Fives is a weekly list from that addresses one of a wide variety of topics that may be of interest to church lay leaders, pastors, ministers, Sunday School teachers and small group leaders. Every so often, I’ll repeat a list when enough people have asked me where to find it. That’s the case this time with a re-post of a piece first published last year.

So, this week, my top five comedians who are laugh-out-loud funny and whom you can trust to provide consistently clean material.

#5 – Jerry Clower

This is a nod to my southern friends – who are many. Jerry Clower was a former Mississippi State football player who became one of the most popular figures in Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry in the 70’s and 80’s. He was a faithful believer but not necessarily always an overtly Christian comedian. Known as “The Mouth of the South” he was beloved for his stories. He passed away in 1998 after heart bypass surgery.

 #4 – Taylor Mason

Probably the least known in the top 5, Mason’s career was launched on Star Search. He is that very rare ventriloquist who is good at what he does, actually funny, and clean/trustworthy. On the link that follows – the 12 minutes is worth it so come back when you have the time to watch him if you’re just doing a quick check in right now.

#3 – Brian Regan

He might be the best stand up comedian today, clean or otherwise. He’s in the third slot because he doesn’t publicly profess a faith and you’re going to get a “Hell” out of him every once in a while.  He is probably funnier than the guys at the first two positions, but they bring more depth and meaning to the table.

Nonetheless, Regan is consistently clean and hilarious.

#2 – Ken Davis

Davis has been doing Christian comedy for the longest of the top 5 and many consider him a pioneer in the field. He’s a performer, preacher, motivational speaker and published author.

# 1 – Tim Hawkins

Supremely talented on multiple levels. I’ve used his bits more in my preaching and teaching than anyone else. Interestingly, he got his start by posting his songs and performances on YouTube. The guess here is that, in the future, many like him will start the same way.