Friday Fives – The Top Five Clip-Rich Movies

This week’s Friday Fives presents the 5 most clip-rich movies. These are the top five movies that are: a) excellent overall, b) “safe” from a can-you-play-it-in-church sense and, c) provide multiple scenes that fit teaching contexts – so quantity of clips from a movie is considered as well as quality.

There are many movies, of course, that contain one, perhaps two strong clips for teaching – AmistadThe MissionApollo XIIICast AwayThe Hunger Games, etc. – the top five movies each contain multiple clips for potential use.

With each, I’ll provide a link for purchasing the DVD (and the implication is that if a film appears on this list, I’m recommending preachers and teachers own copies), any cautions concerning the movie and a sample clip.

Honorable MentionThe Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn TreaderThe NativityAmazing GraceGrace UnpluggedFireproofCourageousFather of the BrideHoosiersChariots of FireBuck, Taking Chance, Left Behind.

#5 Bruce Almighty

Description: While the sequel, Evan Almighty, was disappointing (to be kind), the original starring Jim Carrey actually provides multiple helpful clips specifically relevant to any teaching on our attitudes about God.

Caution: God is majestic, almighty, omnipotent and holy. I recommend caution when using a clip in which He is depicted in human form. Be sure the clip maintains a healthy fear of the Lord. There are a couple of noteworthy scenes from this film I specifically would not use. You can email or comment if you want details.

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#4 Remember the Titans

Description: It’s a great story, well told and supremely acted. The diversity of clips in this movie is amazing, addressing such topics as leadership, ethics, respect, conflict, love, etc.

Caution: When a movie has such a powerful overarching theme – in this case understanding and respecting difference – you can never get too far from that theme when you show a clip. For me, that often means clips from such movies need a little more set-up. You don’t want your audience to think that, just because the clip is from Titans, your point relates to race or diversity if it is concerning another topic.

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#3 Rudy

Description: The oldest movie on the list (1993) and perhaps the biggest surprise. But this film about the underdog who overcomes is packed with good clips illustrating, faith, perseverance, prayer, father-son relationships, hope, etc.

Caution: When a movie is as iconic as this one, sometimes the icon overrides the illustration. The congregation may be thinking, “Hey it’s a clip from Rudy!” rather than paying attention to the theme you hope to illustrate. As is always the case, the audience matters.

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#2 Facing The Giants

Description: For many, this is the best of the Alex Kendrick movies so far. Yes, there are places where the acting isn’t as accomplished as in, say, Remember the Titans, but this is a movie with a good heart, and therefore several clips that will work very well – especially in a church context.

Caution: There are actors in the movie who aren’t really actors. Therefore, the scenes in which they appear can come across as amateurish, in comparison to other films your congregation or class is familiar with. I stick with scenes in which Kendrick is featured for the most part.

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#1 The Passion of the Christ

Description: No surprise here. This film is a masterpiece about the Master. I’m guessing I’ll use clips from The Passion until the Lord is finished with me here.

Caution: Because of the intense violence of the film, not every scene can be shown in church and other scenes will require some editing before using.

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