Friday Fives: Five More Flash Mobs That Will Preach

One of the Friday Fives posts that has received the most views since it originally appeared in December 2013 was Flash Mobs That Will Preach.

I also have received many many emails from readers (I love my readers!) with suggestions for flash mobs that didn’t make the list.

So, with that in mind, here we go with five more flash mobs that will preach.

#5 – Ohio State University - Ohio Union

The one at number five made the list, not just because it’s received more than 5 million youtube views, but because it has the kind of exuberance and coordination that makes me smile. It’s from May, 2010. (They even got former Ohio State president Gordon Gee involved.)

Illustration of: Unity, Joy, Teamwork


#4 – The Marriage Proposal

After the first list, I got an email from England from a reader who, in mock disgust, asked how I could post a list of the top five flash mobs and not include a marriage proposal. I didn’t realize there was a protocol for such things. So, here you go. A marvelously complex marriage-proposal-by-flash-mob. My favorite point in the video is when the poor girl realizes what might be happening.

Illustration of: Love, Extravagant grace


#3 – Praise in an Unlikely Location

Where’s one of the last places you might suspect a flash mob? How about a library? It’s from a public library in Valladolid – in northwest Spain. This one is a winner for so many reasons. It’s cool subtle start, the fact that it’s in a library, and its praise language that will reach you even if you don’t speak espanol (see what I did there?).

Illustration of: Praise, Surprise, Irony


#2 – Les Miserables in Orlando

Never let it be said I can’t show a little class. This Les Miz flash mob is the work of wonderfully gifted folks who make up one of the most talent-rich “mobs” you’ll see. It’s also the newest on the list. It was performed at The Mall of Millennia in Orlando August 30, 2014.

Illustration of: Art, Teamwork, Harmony

Before I get to the #1 flash mob on this list, here’s the top from the first edition.

Ranken Jordan Hospital and Desi Lulef

Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital is a therapy hospital in Maryland Heights, Missouri. Seventeen year-old Desi Lulef is a cerebral palsy patient there. When the Ranken Jordan nurses found out Desi loves the Maroon 5 song “Moves Like Jagger” and watching dancing, they planned a surprise flash mob. Desi obviously loved it. That’s what joy looks like.

Illustration of: Giving, Sacrifice, Joy


#1 Philadelphia Opera

The flash mob at number one is here in honor of my worship pastor who emailed me to say that this is one of his favorites. Since he’s perhaps the most talented musician I know – and a true worshipper – his opinion of flash mobs has to be right! Here you go, Joe!

Illustration of: Worship, Christmas, Surprise