Friday Fives: The Top Five Inspirational Godtube Videos of All Time

As one of the most viewed sources of Christian videos, GodTube provides a helpful resource for those who preach or teach and use videos as sermon tools or illustrations.

So, in this edition of Friday Fives, the top five most viewed inspirational videos ever on GodTube by total views to date.

(Please note that the videos will play from YouTube but the views and popularity are based on Godtube data.)

#5 Amazing Dance

Total GodTube views to date: 897,305

Description: What happens when a one-armed woman creates dance art with a one-legged man will keep you riveted. It’s easy to understand why it’s the 5th most popular since the inception of Godtube. The young woman, Ma Li, was a professional ballerina when she lost her right arm in a car accident at the age of nineteen. Her partner, Xiaowei, had lost his leg in a farming accident at the age of 4. They both met when training for the National Special Olympics – he as a cyclist.

#4 I'm Watching You Dad

Total GodTube views to date: 981,758

Description: Produced by Floodgate Productions, this pre-produced video is a poignant account of the influence that fathers have on their children. It’s coming up on a million Godtube views. You’ll see why.

You can purchase the video for use in church here.

#3 11 year-old Teaches Jesus from Genesis to Revelation

Total GodTube views to date: 1,413,853

Description: On December 5, 2010 then 11 year-old Jack Stockton of Tomball Texas blessed Salem Lutheran Church by quoting the classic Aaron Jeoffrey song, He Is, which finds Jesus from Genesis to Revelation.

#2 The Truth About Bikinis

Total GodTube views to date: 1,426,788

Description: A popular video about modesty? Yep. In fact, the second most popular Godtube inspirational video in history. Designer and actress and Jessica Rey is perhaps best known as Alyssa Enrilé/White Tiger Wild Force Ranger in the TV series Power Rangers: Wild Force. She also has her own modest swimsuit line, inspired by Audrey Hepburn. All of the videos in the top five are inspiring. The one at number two might be the most important.

#1 Giving Away the Bride

Total GodTube views to date: 1,757,092

Description: This father loves his daughter and sure knows how to give her away! It is the most popular inspirational Godtube video because it is poignant, honest, loving and funny.