Hello there, I’m Brian Charette. Thanks for stopping by.Charette Photo 2

I am a college administrator and faculty member and I’ve been working on the craft of church lay leadership, ministry, speaking, and preaching for over 25 years now. So, yeah, I’m old.

I recently co-authored the book The Stress Factor: Finding Rest in an Uneasy World with my pastor, Kerry Willis. That project was part of my commitment to help people pursue greater interpersonal effectiveness. It’s what I teach at James Madison University and the reason I finally started a blog and website.

My doctoral work was in Organizational Leadership because I see that as the primary catalyst for great organizations – and no organization has a more compelling reason to pursue greatness than the local church, of which I’m passionate.

I am a lover of Christ, my family, and the craft of influence in support of the Gospel, in that order.

I typically post 2-3 times a week. Each post is my answer to this question: What can church leaders and pastors really use to lead, teach, and preach with greater result (fruit)? So, you’ll find thoughts, statistics, observations of culture, illustrations and other tools here. In short, I hope this becomes the kind of resource I wish I had 25 years ago.

I’m grateful you’re a part.

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More than You Care to Know

I first began learning about the power of an effective leader shortly after I committed my life to Christ and was serving in the United States Marine Corps. It was a very personal experience since my duty was like a leadership laboratory and I was the lab rat, for lack of a more complimentary term.

I began to learn that great leaders made my life better. And that got my attention.

From there, my career careened like a carful of teenagers on a country back road. Broadcasting, Church Ministry as a Communications Director, Human Resources Development, Teaching, Writing, Speaking, Consulting… Leading.

For the past 15 years I’ve been an administrator and faculty member at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia and very involved in lay ministry at my church.

One more thing… My site is an amazon.com affiliate. That means that when you click on a link and make a purchase through amazon, I receive a percentage of your purchase. As a matter of integrity, I try to be open about that throughout the site.  Of course, I’m just grateful you’re here. You never have to buy anything.

OK. You’ve spent more time on an “About” page than is normal. You should probably go to the other stuff now.

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